Top Ten French Bulldog Color Trends (2020)

The Top Ten Frenchie Color and Feature Trends of 2020!

Looking at some of the most popular French Bulldog Colors for 2020 as ranked by google trends. While these French Bulldogs’ colors are extremely popular, they are not necessarily the most expensive or rare. Color Patterns and attributes outside of colour, such as brindle, fawn , merle were also looked at as stand-alone French bulldog features.

Stacey Read, Wasatch French Bulldogs – Merle, Fawn
James Crouch / – Fluffy Frenchie (Moonshine)
Kari Ryan – Brindle (Rocco)
Bastille’ore – Isabella (Elvis)

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00:24 Fawn
00:31 Black French Bulldog
00:52 Brindle
01:03 Chocolate
01:20 Isabella
01:35 Fluffy
01:55 Merle French Bulldog
02:10 Lilac
02:28 White French Bulldog
02:45 Blue French Bulldog
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