Top 10 BEST FREE WordPress Themes For 2022 (Seriously)

Finally! The Top 10 best free wordpress themes for 2021! Need a WordPress theme for your website and tired of the same damn list? Well me too! I spent weeks looking for the best free wordpress themes and here they are.

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You can download these on or their website. If you decide to upgrade to the pro, these discounts will save you some money.
1. Blocksy Theme: (Darrel10 Gives 10% OFF)
2. Neve Theme: (Darrel15 gives you 15% OFF)
3. Suki Theme: (Darrel10 gives you 10% OFF)
4. CosmosWP Theme:
5. Deep Theme:
6. Astra Theme: (code darrel10 Gives 10% OFF)
7.Phlox Theme:
9. Zita Theme:
10. Zakra Theme:

Each of these themes have some great features. I know switching themes can be tough but these are probably some of the best free themes for wordpress i have come across. As always, if you have any questions feel free to visit my website:

I did mention in this video about the best web hosting video, here is it!

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