The Top 10 Best Resources: Enterprise Resource Planning

Welcome to the Solutions Review Special where we take a look at the top ten tools for Enterprise Resource Planning. I’m Ashley Troutman.
If you’re in the market for a new ERP solution, some research is in order, so in an effort to save you some time, our editor Nate Lewis put together a list of places to find all the info you need.
First stop is Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for ERP. This report provides an overview of the market and focuses on ERP systems that support single instance strategy for multi entity mid-market companies. White papers are always a great resource. Panorama published one that outlines some of the most common ERP implementation challenges in addition to some tips for avoiding unforeseen costs. Forester’s SaaS ERP applications landscape report also made the cut. It explains the growing demand or ERP solutions and the rapidly changing market. Never look past a good book; Enterprise Resource Planning for example is the perfect tool for studying enterprise software and learning how it can streamline operations within your business. Slideshare also made the list. It’s a great tool for uncovering insights related to almost any software category. Teh site boasts helpful videos and slideshows and more. Don’t forget about our ERP Buyer’s Guide. It features 24 solutions providers, top questions to ask potential vendors, a category overview and everything else you need to choose the right solution. Tutorials and online courses also come in handy and aim to strengthen your understanding of enterprise resources . LinkedIn discussion groups of course made the list. The social media site is known for connecting industry pros and providing incredible networking opportunities. Software review sites like Trust Radius are also important to check and see what other customers have to say about the solution you’re thinking of implementing before you make a purchase. Finally, staying up to date on news in the space is key,and luckily we have you covered on our ERP site. CLick around for more info on this and if you like this video, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more like it , plus our Week in Review series that’s posted every Friday . You can also connect with us on Facebook , Twitter , and LinkedIn. Thanks so much for watching. I’m Ashley Troutman until next time.