PROs & CONs of Being A SDR & BDR (Business & Sales Development Representative) in Tech Sales & SaaS

Discover the PROS and CONS of Being a SDR or BDR in Tech Sales, SaaS Sales, and B2B Sales.

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0:00 PROs & CONs of Being A SDR & BDR (Business & Sales Development Representative) in Tech Sales & SaaS
PROs of Being A SDR or BDR
CONS of Being A SDR or BDR

In this video, we’ll learn the PROs & Cons of Being a Business Development Representatives and Sales Development Representative (BDR or SDR) in Tech Sales, Saas Sales, B2B Sales. We’ll talk about the PROs of being a SDR or BDR, which includes sales job salary, developing sales skills, sales career path, and knowing how to sell for any business. Next, we’ll discuss the CONs of sales job, which includes cold calling objections and other challenges of being in the tech sales career.

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