Online Reputation Management Tutorial: Guide to Choosing a Top Reputation Management Company

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This reputation management video tutorial discusses the key factors when choosing a reputation management services company to represent your business.

#1 Make sure the company is located in the United States. Not all foreign companies are bad, but the majority of customers that have a bad experience are dealing with a company outside the United States.

#2 If the point of contact has a strong accent, then the company may be from outside the United States.

#3 What does the website of the reputation management company look like? If it is poorly put together, then their services will be poor also.

#4 Did the point of contact ask you enough questions about your business? If the conversation is all about their reputation management service, then they are not spending enough time assessing the problem.

#5 Are they asking for a lump sum of cash upfront? You should look for a reputation management company that will allow you to make monthly payments, and the initial contract should be either 6 months of 1 year in length.