MSP Meets MSSP: The Future of Cybersecurity | Full Webinar

A discussion covering the recent merger between Integris and Security7 Networks, why MSPs need to start incorporating cybersecurity into their business offerings, and what the future looks like for businesses as the threat landscape evolves.

About Integris/Security7: Integris provides premium technology solutions for businesses across the country.
About MSPAlliance: MSPAlliance has built a global organization for Managed Services Professionals and is a globally recognized compliance and consulting body for the MSP industry.

00:00 Getting started
03:23 Introduction
04:54 Presenter introductions
06:29 Background on Integris & Security7 Networks
10:59 Why did Integris & Security7 come together?
15:24 MSP vs. MSSP
16:04 Patch management and vulnerability assessments
19:46 Antivirus vs. Managed Detection & Responses
26:56 Backup and disaster recovery vs. ransomware
32:57 Expansion of vCIO to vCISO
43:11 MSPAlliance
51:18 Q: Conflict of interest with MSP doing vulnerability assessment?