Franchise Expos – The Good & The Bad

Franchisors want one thing — leads. Thus, many sign-up to exhibit at franchise shows/expos. Is it worth it? How can you increase the value? Franchisees want access to inventory. For them, is it worth it? With Nick Powills and Charles N. Internicola, they will discuss the good and the bad of franchise expos.

1. Helpful to learn the brands when just starting.
If a person wants to buy a franchise, but has no experience to start, then franchise expos can be helpful ways to learn about what businesses and the types of businesses that the person would go into.

2. Connection to the people.
Having a real world connection to future franchisees is a great way to get to know the person before they become a part of the business. That in person experience is invaluable to the experience as a whole and is important for first impressions.

1. Information can be found digital.
Some of the information found at these franchise expos can be found digitally. This means that the person at the expo could have looked up the information online and found the same answers he received at the expo.

2. If the validation is poor, the only fault is your own.
When there is low validation, the franchise at the expo is doing poorly and is becoming a waste a time. Everything about the expo needs to be presented with full effort or the franchise will have poor validation.

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