Finding Systems, Pricing, & Marketing Strategies that Work for Your Business

Do you feel stuck because you can’t find the business system, marketing system, or pricing system locked down. Your are not alone. Nancy and Lesley discuss their evolutions within each of their businesses.

In this Thursday Thoughts Nancy Ganzekaufer, Interior Design Business Coach, Speaker, Author, and Certified Body Language Trainer, and Leslie Myrick, Associate Coach and Luxury Interior Designer, discuss their evolutions within each of their businesses.

In this video with we discuss:
Trying new…

Marketing Methods
Finding a pricing structure that works

…are all part of growing a successful business!


00:00 Introduction
00:19 Systems
03:17 Justifying Switching Systems
06:29 Marketing Methods
11:12 Pricing
13:08 Finding Methods that Work
14:10 Benefits of Interior Designer Business Forum
16:40 Business Building Boutique

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