Executive Business Review Best Practices

We’re back with another “Between Two Zooms” session where we’ll have two incredible leaders in the Customer Success industry discuss a tactical topic – Executive Business Reviews!

For those new to CS, an Executive Business Review (EBR) is a strategic meeting conducted annually with key stakeholders from both the company and the customer’s end.

EBRs could include various topics:

Reviewing the value of the investment to the client
Amplifying accomplishments (advocacy opportunities)
Showing progress against key initiatives and desired success metrics
Aligning on upcoming key business initiatives/objectives for the coming year
Discussing product uses cases of interest or future roadmap items
Join us on Thursday May 26th at 4pm PT to hear from two experts in the industry share their experience on how to plan and execute a successful EBR. It’s going to be a good one!

Guest Interviewer: Peter Armaly, VP of Customer Success at ESG
Guest Interviewee: Gillian Taylor, Customer Success Thought Leader

We want to also make this an interactive session, so will give you an opportunity to contribute thoughts and ideas throughout, as well as, save time for Q&A at the end.