Best Google Citations & Local Business Listings Google Citation and Local Business Listing Service that gets your small business on page one of Google!

Every local business needs a strong portfolio of Local Business Listings and Google Citations to compete online!

It is no secret among local search marketers that to put your business in front of more interested prospects you must pay close attention to where your business is listed and how accurate your business data is across the web.

Having the right local business listings and Google citations with accurate information has a direct impact when it comes to ranking your business on page one of the local Google search results.

Local Listing Goldmine is a Google Citation service that is highly affordable and unlike Yext does not require an expensive renewal fee every year.

Go to and compare our business listing service to Yext and discover why ours is not only better, but much cheaper.

Beware of really cheap automated services out there that can actually damage your Citation portfolio. You get what you pay for and if you think paying 10 bucks for 50 Google citations is a good deal, what 3 months and see if you get any results.

Local GoldMine is a Digital Advertising Agency that specializes in helping local businesses get more phone calls and leads by getting your brand in front of more online searchers.

If you want to learn more about how a strong Google Citation and local business listing portfolio can help you get more customers contact Jeffrey Taylor direct in St Augustine Florida at (904) 796-8527