43 Things You Missed™ in The Yeehaw Purge (2021)

I will not be calling it “The Forever Purge”. Did you notice the secrets hidden in graffiti around the city? Let’s go over EVERYTHING.
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IT’S THE PURGE. THE YEEHAW PURGE! In 2021, Blumhouse released the 5th movie in The Purge franchise, and it finally answers the question of what happened after the 2040 election in The Purge: Election Year… kind of. This movie is set 9 years later in the year 2049. The NFFA is inexplicably back in power, and a new radical group rises up against them.

Despite this entry not giving us the answers we were hoping for, there is still a lot we can learn by analyzing the background details, easter eggs and other secrets this movie has to offer. To learn about everything you might have missed in The Yeehaw Purge, stick around to the end of this video.

0:00 Sandin Security is Still Around
0:28 Intro
1:01 The New Border Wall
1:52 Opening Title Easter Eggs
2:16 My Timeline Rant
3:56 Spanish vs English
4:54 Reverse Character Arc
5:39 Spiritual Successor Characters
6:27 The Humans Are Treated Like Cattle
7:01 Lemercier Public Schools Easter Egg
7:15 The Blue Baptisia vs Red Roses
8:33 Analyzing More Graffiti
8:44 Division of Social Classes
9:02 Good Night, And Good Luck Reference Explained
10:13 Franchise Callbacks
11:19 One of the Worst Jumpscare Attempts
11:33 The Dumbest Guy In The Purge
11:49 Ridiculous Billboards and Posters
12:10 “Kill David Dead” Meaning
12:44 The Purpose of the Masks
13:13 A New Purge Chant
13:41 Wilhelm Scream in The Forever Purge
14:28 The BIG PROBLEM with Dylan & Cassie’s Baby
14:43 The Next Purge Movie

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