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In this podcast, Business Broker Dave discusses 10 items that a business listing should have for a favorable response rate – whether selling through a business broker or as a for sale by owner scenario.

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The Steps

1. Has a targeted headline with keywords for search.
To even begin the process you will need to show up in search. Depending on the platform being used, (example, Business Websites, Search Enginges) this will be of great importance on the keywords being used. For some websites, your focus could be to reference the sections of title reference for a specific sector. On others it will depend on the most used keywords and search terms at the moment. TIP: a helpful idea is to use a keyword reasearch tool when writing your title.

2, Includes the location of the business.
Most business for sale advertising will not include the exact address of the business. This is for confidentiality purposes. However, showcasing the area, city, county, or even section of the country is almost a must have. People will normally search for the area or region first, and then look to target their preferred business type and earnings thereafter.

3. Clearly shows the gross sales and adjusted net earnings of the business.
The most popluar reason someone will look to purchase a business is money. Simply put, it is the adjusted net earnings of the business they are wanting to know. Of course you will want to have the gross sales stated as this is a common question, but what a business buyer is really interested in is how much can they expect to make when they buy your business.

4. References the hours required from ownership.
Today’s business buyer wants to know how much time they will need to commit in order to run the business being purchased. This should also reference the type of hours being required (example – day to day operating, managerial, oversight, etc.).

5. Has a photo that reasembles the business.
A good photo that showcases the business itself is usually best to use, as this is of the actual business for sale. If for confidentiality this is not an option, using a photo that resembles the type of business will suffice. TIP: if using a third party photo for creative purposes, make sure you have usage rights first.

6. Provides financing to purchase the business.
Almost all business purchases will need to be completed with financing. The two most common are SBA 7a and Seller Held Financing. The busines listing should show what financing is available, the general terms, and any prequalification criteria needed.

7. Offers a well written description of the business.
Although the headline should grab attention and contain keywords for search, the description of the business is where a lot of keywords will also show for search results. Keep in mind the description should be written so an actual person can read and understand clearly. The keywords are for the algos and search. Maintaining a balance can be done with some general pre-planning of the business being described.

TIP: Outsource your writing to a freelancer if not viced in content creation.

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8. Provides clear instructions on how to inquire for more information.
A business listing needs to have clear instructions on how to ask for more information. This can be a contact form, an email, a phone number, etc.

9. Has easy contact instructions for any business broker contact information (or for sale by owner contact).
Contact instructions should include any require disclosures if using a licensed business broker to sell your business. If going the for sale by owner route, this should also be disclosed.

10. Alerts interested parties of any requirements needed to inquire for more information.
A good practice to to notify any buyer what is required to purchase your business. This includes any documentation for indentification, non disclosure agreements, financial statement, experience, resume, etc. TIP: If requiring a non disclosure agreement, have available on the listing or a notice of where to sign the non disclosure agreement.


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