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The typical cost to open a big box real estate franchise is at least $250,000 and can scale as high as 1 million dollars.

But where does all that money go and is it all really necessary?
Owning a big-box brokerage typically first involves paying a large franchise fee and signing a lease or purchasing a large office. Adding to that cost you have renovation costs, computer costs, employees, utilities, furniture, signage, food, snacks, printers, copiers, infrastructure, stationary, and lots of other added COSTS that don’t give much BENEFIT.

Take a page from Amazon, the largest retailer and most disruptive company in the world. When was the last time you saw an Amazon office?

Their entire business revolves around controlling costs, maximizing profits, and a great customer experience that creates extremely high loyalty and repeat clients.

Right now you might be asking yourself, do you even need an office to run a real estate brokerage? Why hasn’t anyone thought to run a real estate brokerage like a disruptive, low cost online retailer?

Well, we have and now you can too.
A few quick stats about our company.

We have DOUBLED in sales volume every single year we have been in business without adding many agents, we instead focused on perfecting our system to add more deals.

Our agent turnover is almost ZERO for 5 straight years.

Our agents often do 300% to 400% MORE transactions than a typical real estate agent from a big box brokerage.

With our systems you can have less agents, doing more deals, with high customer loyalty, rapid growth, and more profits due to LESS WASTE.

We have an in-house social media and search engine optimization company that can offer an exceptional online marketing value for your dollar.

Our royalties are as low as possible with no marketing fees or other franchisee costs to make you MORE PROFITABLE, faster.

Own the disruptive real estate force in your market.

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