√ The Operations Processes by Transforming Resources of Business Studies Explained. Watch this video

Transformed Resources are inputs that have been changed in the
operations process. The basic elements used in the production process. The basic elements Include raw materials and intermediate goods. Intermediate goods are goods that have been transformed more than once. Information is the necessary knowledge that is needed as input. This knowledge creates an understanding to make the operations process more efficient. Information can be external or internal. Internal Information: Financial Reports, Quality Reports, Key Performance Indicators and Staff Feedback. Customer input is sought before the product is designed. Customer Relationship Management so-called CRM, program seeks to gain information about the customers to make the business more profitable. Example: Domino’s Pizza. ”People spend more with us when they buy online, we make fewer mistakes because they put in their own order. We can communicate more clearly with them because we can now start to build a one-on-one relationship with them”. Humans are the most important input into the operations process. The business needs the right people with the skills to be able to collect data, design products, make products, evaluate products and distribute them.